To better spread the word and create recognition for Photography Month, we’ve provided several logo options which may be included in your various marketing materials, as well as concept copy to use in your communications.

Please post logos on your web site home page, in e-blast newsletters and more to create awareness and participation in our first Photography Month event!

Statement copy:

Photography Month is a region-wide celebration of photographic art reaching across communities and bringing people together.

Concept Copy:


It is increasingly important in an age of media inundation to encourage purposeful displays of photography by artists seeking to share a story or a moment of beauty. Photography Month Sacramento creates new opportunities for galleries, museum, educational institutions, photographers and patrons to share a collective experience in the visual arts, which is engaging and highly accessible.


When we take and share photographs we are creating a common visual history and visual language. Exhibitions of art hold a mirror up to society, reflecting its interests and concerns while simultaneously confronting its ideologies and preconceptions.

Photography Month Sacramento seeks to expand awareness and participation in the art of photography through accessible presentation and engaging education. We are working towards providing more physical spaces dedicated to the appreciation of the visual arts to create opportunities for vital discussions about images and ideas, to bring diverse communities together in a shared space, and to highlight the cultural diversity of our wonderful region.

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